Absolutely Spa-velous

Not only will the treatments, body wraps, laser services and rejuvenating body pods at spa810 have you relaxing, but you can succumb to a perfect array of massages.

There’s a little bit of heaven to be found right here in the 918 cocooned within a gleaming, white, egg-shaped pod. Inside, you’re warm and safe from the cares of the world, while gentle waterfalls of music play and aromatherapy relaxes and invigorates.

As soon as you step in the lobby, you know spa810 is something special. A lovely, cascading light fixture hangs from a high ceiling over a reception area decorated in soft gray and warm, friendly orange. Comfy padded chairs wait to embrace you if you need to wait for your services. You’re enjoying a special treat before you even step into the spa itself.

Jeff O’Bryan owns spa810 with his wife, Roshani. “We knew we wanted our own business,” O’Bryan explains. With entrepreneurs on both sides of the family, the O’Bryans began looking for opportunities. “Roshani is an engineer. I’m a programmer and software engineer,” says O’Bryan. “We were thinking about tech or software, but our franchise coach came back with options including spa810. We were excited about it because we were already helping people, and this was a way to continue that.”

Spa director Jessica Beck is enthusiastic about the spa810 experience. “Other places you need to tell them what you want. Here, we talk with you to determine your needs and customize your experience,” she says.

The spa itself is gently lit, softly colored, and filled with quiet and soothing music. The massage rooms are spacious. “The massage therapists tell me [that at] some places the rooms are so small, you can only work on the client from above. Our rooms allow them their full range of motion,” O’Bryan says. The rooms are equipped with towel warmers and essential oils, and the couples massage room has a softly glowing Himalayan salt lamp. “We like to include complementary extras for a fully relaxing experience.”

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