At spa810 Paddock Shops we assist in your pursuit of a better body image using gold standard, state of the art technologies to smooth skin and contour your body. Indulge in the tranquil surroundings of our luxury boutique spa and relax in the confidence of our high trained and licensed technicians.

Comfort and science are artfully combined in every spa810 Paddock Shops treatment but truly beam through in our carefully selected laser hair removal treatments. Harnessing the scientific power of the diode energy employed by Venus Velocity, our licensed technicians apply this advanced laser hair removal to virtually painlessly remove unwanted hair, even on the most sensitive areas such as bikini area and underarms. Bothersome hair follicles wither away without return.

Each laser technician works individually with the guest, assuring a calm, comfortable and relaxing experience throughout each laser hair removal session. Our technology offers the following key strengths:

  • – Virtually painless treatments creating a comfortable treatment experience without any analgesics
  • – Rapid speed treatment
  • – FDA cleared on Skin Types I-IV and tanned skin
  • – Proven safety record

At spa810, the laser hair removal treatments are conducted by licensed technicians who exclusively utilize the Venus Concepts Velocity device. This effective system delivers a cooling stream while the powerful laser goes to work, making permanent hair removal a breeze. The laser is appropriate for arms, legs, bikini lines, backs and chests, helping our guests to feel more attractive and more confident after each session.

Contact spa810 today to book your laser hair removal treatment today! On the day that your appointment is scheduled, please plan to shave the treatment area. This will allow the laser’s energy to best reach the hair follicle, providing you with optimal results.

To learn more about what to expect during your laser hair removal treatment, before and after treatment care and learn if our virtually pain-free laser hair removal treatments are for you, click here.

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