If you are tired of the nicks and cuts that shaving leaves behind and done with cleaning up that sticky mess after a waxing session, laser hair removal is for you. Our technology at spa810 N Miami Beach offers permanent hair removal that is virtually pain-free. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get ready for bathing suit season, look great at the gym or enjoy smooth and supple skin all year round with no more waxing, shaving or long sleeves and pants to hide that unwanted hair.

At spa810 N Miami Beach, the laser hair removal treatments are conducted by licensed technicians who exclusively utilize the Soprano ICE laser. By delivering intense laser heat directly to the hair follicle and emitting a cooling burst of energy, this FDA approved device gives you long lasting and even permanent results in as little as 6 to 8 sessions.

Our technology offers the following key strengths:

  • – Virtually painless treatments creating a comfortable treatment experience without any analgesics
  • – Rapid speed treatment
  • – FDA cleared on Skin Types I-IV and tanned skin
  • – Proven safety record

Seeing is believing, and we firmly believe in the quality, convenience and value of our laser hair removal treatments in N Miami Beach. To help our guests experience the amazing results our virtually pain-free laser hair removal services deliver, spa810 offers a free, small area laser hair removal session. It’s on the house and without obligation so you can discover for yourself what freedom from unwanted hair looks and feels like. After this treatment, you can decide for yourself if laser hair removal provides the best results and book another appointment or purchase a cost effective lifestyle membership if you want to experience more permanent results. Click here to learn more about the benefits you receive as a spa810 member.

To learn more about what to expect during your laser hair removal treatment, before and after treatment care and learn if our virtually pain-free laser hair removal treatments are for you, click here.

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