• What is the spa810 franchise?

    spa810 is a membership model with 4 service categories in a modern and sophisticated spa environment; laser, skin, massage, and body contouring. We deliver well-being using advanced technology to deliver virtually pain-free laser hair removal treatments, minimally invasive anti-aging treatments, FDA cleared body contouring treatments and a dedication to a relaxing and transformational experience with our facials and therapeutic massages.

    • – spa810 members receive 1 or 2 signature treatments each month depending on their membership type. The Essential Membership entitles a member to 1 Signature Facial or Signature Massage a month. The Premium Membership entitles a member to 2 signature treatments a month with a combination of their choosing each month: 1 Signature Facial and 1 Signature Massage; 2 Signature Facials; 2 Signature Massages.
    • – spa810 supports our military, veterans, education professionals, and students by offering $10 off their monthly membership dues. Eduction and students Appreciation Benefit is valid only in participating regions and spas.
    • – spa810 members receive member pricing on additional treatments to allow us to better assist them with achieving their results.
    • – spa810 provides outstanding facilities and treatment therapies with your overall health and wellness in mind.
    • – spa810 franchises are available worldwide.

  • What does spa810 mean?

    Customers often ask us: what’s the significance of the 810 in spa810?

    We incorporated the 810 nm diode laser that we used on all our laser hair removal procedures with the first laser hair removal device when spa810 was developed. To kill a hair follicle safely, you need to use a very specific wavelength of energy – that wavelength happens to be 810 nanometers.

    Since then, the 810 in spa810 remains as a token of where we started and the advancements in technology. The diode laser now used by spa810 is the best overall machine for treating all six skin types based on safety and long term use especially satisfactory to skin types I-IV.

    Spa is defined as an establishment offering health and beauty treatments. We offer four service categories within our spas; laser, skin, massage, and body contouring. This allows us to create a single solution for a guest’s range of concerns and a relaxing spa retreat with results driven treatments.

  • What is your vision and mission statement?

    Vision Statement
    To become the best boutique spa destination by creating a personal connection to our clients with our Memberships , our mindfulness on the value of their dollar, and our focus on creating a “Remarkable Spa Experience”.

    Mission Statement
    Our enduring mission begins and ends with our clients. It declares our purpose as a company, and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • What is the distance mandated between spa810 locations?

    A three to five mile radius is required by the spa810 Franchise Agreement.

    spa810 will use commercially reasonable efforts to grant 1 license in each territory a population of 60,000 to 55,000 population target. Different size markets will require different populations per territory.

  • What laser do you use for laser hair removal?

    The newest diode laser for hair removal, with gold standard efficacy and safety that delivers a positive ROI – Venus Concepts: Venus Velocity. It’s more versatile and easier to use than other devices, and provides treatments that are faster, more comfortable, and safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.

    Venus Velocity works by delivering energy to the hair follicle, where it’s absorbed by the hair pigment. This destroys the follicle so that the hair cannot grow anymore, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

    The device can operate in PULSE Mode or SLIDE Mode. In PULSE mode, the high power enables high energy at shorter pulse duration, which results in greater clinical efficacy and fewer treatment sessions. In SLIDE mode, lower power with heat accumulation and intensive cooling enables efficient treatments with full coverage and greater patient comfort.

    Venus Velocity has revolutionary real-time cooling. Real-time cooling monitors and ensures a constant applicator temperature throughout the session to deliver a very comfortable treatment, which increases customer compliance, satisfaction, and demand. No downtime for cooling translates to higher treatment productivity.

  • What is the laser law for my state?

    Laser laws vary from state to state. spa810 Franchisee’s and Area Representatives have an obligation to review the state laws. spa810 mandates that all spa810 units comply with all laws, regulations, and licensing requirements.

  • Are you SBA registered and approved?


  • What is the spa810 Signature Capsule?

    spa810’s Signature Capsule gives our guests a relaxing body treatment while receiving a facial. It releases aromatherapy and offers customized vibrational massage. It is also a dry heat sauna and will keep track of calories burned throughout the service. The capsule puts the guest in a zero-gravity state, triggering the brain to be more relaxed than it actually is. The guest will receive one hour of rest for every 20 minutes while inside the capsule. That is 2.5 hours of rest they will regain during their 60-minute facial treatment.

  • How much training do you offer your Area Representatives and Franchisees? Where is my training conducted?

    Initial training for Franchisees and Area Representatives are held at spa810’s corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ.

    Franchisees will receive 36 hours of training in the Initial Training Program. The Pre-Opening Training Program, approximately 2 weeks of training before you open, consists of 24 hours with the corporate trainer and 84-124 hours of vendor training on equipment and products. The corporate trainer is onsite at the Franchisee’s spa for 3 days before opening and is onsite for a 4th day for the first day of opening; soft opening. Vendor training will consist of online and onsite training. CoolSculpting training will extend past the soft opening and will be scheduled accordingly with the Franchisee’s local rep.

  • Are the Area Representative contracts renewable?

    Yes, after 10 year term, provided the Area Representative is in good standing.

  • Once we find a location, how long does it take to open a spa?

    The spa can be opened in 3-6 months from signing Franchise Agreement depending on the lease, build-out, and financing.

  • What products do you sell at the spa? What equipment vendors do you partner with for treatments?
    • – Eminence Organics
    • – iS Clinical
    • – HydraFacial
    • – SkinCeuticals
    • – ila Spa
    • – Salt of the Earth
    • – NuFace
    • – Revitalash
    • – Jane Iredale
    • – VI Peel
    • – CoolSculpting
    • – Venus Concepts – Venus Velocity
    • – Venus Concepts – Venus Versa
    • – Venus Concepts – Venus Legacy
    • – Alma Lasers – Soprano ICE
    • – Eclipse MicroPen
    • – SkinPen

    Each spa location will carry ancillary lines not found in all spa810 locations.

  • What is the target audience and customer?

    spa810 has a broad demographic.

    • – Young and mature people with skin complications
    • – Men and women who are looking to maintain a youthful appearance
    • – Those who want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated
    • – spa810 laser hair removal services are FDA cleared on Skin Types I-IV and tanned skin, allowing us to treat all skin types
    • – Men and women looking to lose stubborn fat
    • – In a population of approximately 50,000 to 60,000 persons with a combined household income of $55,000 – $65,000 in the designated geographical location