At spa810 Buckhead, we offer cutting-edge and virtually painless laser body contouring treatments that provide instant results. Our licensed technicians exclusively use the Strawberry Laser to melt inches from your body instantly and virtually painlessly. This FDA approved device has a proven track record of effectiveness and safety.

Our technology is so effective, our guests often see results after just one session.  Ideal results are seen after a package of 8 treatments.  Our technology was featured on The Doctors and on the Rachel Ray Show.

Your treatment with our Strawberry Laser will be quick and virtually painless with no recovery time, allowing you to go right back to your daily activities without any inconvenience to your daily routine. Key highlights of our technology include:

  • – Non-invasive (no surgery)
  • – Proven safe and effective by multiple clinical trials approved by the FDA
  • – Virutally no pain, No recovery time, No drugs or anesthesia needed
  • – Immediate results, including cellulite reduction
  • – Can be used on abdomen, thighs, flanks, back, male breasts, arms and neck


An FDA Double Blind Clinical Trial has proven an average fat loss of 3.7 inches with one waistline measurement, following eight 20-minute Strawberry Laser treatments.

During your session, laser pads will be placed on your skin. The laser pads will feel like a mildly warm heating blanket, and you’ll relax in one of our tranquil treatment rooms for the duration of the service. You can return to your normal activities right away.

To get the most out of your spa810 experience, consider making an investment in yourself and become a spa810 member with one of our Lifestyle Memberships. Memberships make it easier and more affordable than ever to schedule regular appointments in our Buckhead med spa and always leave you feeling your very best. To schedule your appointment with one of our skilled Laser Technicians, call or visit spa810 today.

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