With spa810 laser hair removal, gone are the days of razor stubble, unattractive bumps and painful ingrown hairs. Using the highly regarded Alma Soprano ICE laser, our fully trained hair removal team in Ankeny will quickly reduce that unwanted hair in a pain-free, non-invasive manner, with conveniently scheduled appointments that easily fit into your busy schedule.

The Alma Soprano ICE laser is FDA approved for a variety of skin types and many different age groups. Men and women have realized the advantages that come from reducing or eliminating unwanted hair and often rave about the results provided by the professionals at spa810.

Laser hair removal treatments take place in a relaxing environment just outside of Des Moines where clients leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed during your sessions and anxious to return for even more dramatic results. Our technology offers the following key strengths:

  • – Virtually painless treatments creating a comfortable treatment experience without any analgesics
  • – Rapid speed treatment
  • – FDA cleared on Skin Types I-IV and tanned skin
  • – Proven safety record

At spa810, we believe in letting our high-quality services speak for themselves, so every client is offered a free, small area laser hair removal session with your introductory facial or massage. As clients are typically impressed with the results and want to experience more, spa810 makes it convenient and cost effective to do just that with our Bare Beauty Packages. These value priced packages include a selection of laser hair removal treatments and two free touchups for you to enjoy.

Contact spa810 today to book your Ankeny laser hair removal treatment today! On the day that your appointment is scheduled, please plan to shave the treatment area. This will allow the laser’s energy to best reach the hair follicle, providing you with optimal results.

To learn more about what to expect during your laser hair removal treatment, before and after treatment care and learn if our virtually pain-free laser hair removal treatments are for you, click here.

To get the most out of your spa810 experience, consider making an investment in yourself and become a spa810 member with one of our Lifestyle Memberships. Memberships make it easier and more affordable than ever to schedule regular appointments in our Ankeny med spa and always leave you feeling your very best.

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