Aging may be an inevitable process but how you age is definitely in your control. At spa810, we believe that age is just a number, and that everyone, regardless of your age, deserves to look ravishing. This is exactly why we continue to introduce new, safe and highly-effective range of treatments that help guests look youthful, toned and REMARKABLE. And that is not an overstatement.

What does spa810 mean?

We incorporated the 810 nm diode laser that we used on all our laser hair removal procedures with the first laser hair removal device when spa810 was developed. To kill a hair follicle safely, you need to use a very specific wavelength of energy – that wavelength happens to be 810 nanometers.

Since then, the 810 in spa810 remains as a token of where we started and the advancements in technology. The diode laser now used by spa810 is the best overall machine for treating all six skin types based on safety and long term use especially satisfactory to skin types I-IV.

Spa is defined as an establishment offering health and beauty treatments. We offer four service categories within our spas; laser, skin, massage, and body contouring. This allows us to create a single solution for a guest’s range of concerns and a relaxing spa retreat with results driven treatments.