1)    Skin Type

The first thing our estheticians want clients to know is that what most people think their skin type is may not be what it actually is! During first visits, estheticians do a thorough examination of the skin through blue light and magnified light to pinpoint problems areas and hydration levels. By observing what the lights expose, the esthetician is able to formulate a personalized care plan for the individual. Afterwards, the esthetician will review with clients their skin type, address any concerns, and recommend the best products to use in treating and maintaining healthy skin.

From my own experience, I thought my face was oily, but learned after my first appointment that while some spots were oily, other parts of my face were dry. The estheticians I worked with gave me self-care tips and recommended products that have worked towards improving my skin’s overall appearance and health.


2)    Scheduling

A concept some struggle with is thinking results will be immediate after their first facial. As with anything, results take time. One facial isn’t a magic bullet instantly curing a skin condition. We wouldn’t expect a couch potato to hop off the lazy-boy one day and run an Iron Man; neither should someone expect their fine lines, scars, or blackheads to be healed in one visit. But through a well planned and executed program, skin can be healed and healthy (and the couch potato can complete an Iron Man).

The skin naturally replaces itself every 28 days, so estheticians recommend keeping in schedule with the body’s timeframe. A facial every three to four weeks is best for working towards healthy skin. For clients experiencing certain conditions, facial treatments every two weeks for the first several appointments is strongly encouraged to jump start healing and staying ahead of the conditions symptoms.

As you and your esthetician work together towards goals, scheduling changes will be recommended by your professional.


3)    At Home Care

A concern estheticians experience when working with clients is how important home care is to the results they want to see. Reaching your skin care goals will be best achieved through following the plan your professional has developed with you and sticking to a regular schedule, but it’s important to keep your end of the bargain at home. Change pillow cases often, exfoliate twice a week, stay hydrated, and follow directions for your products.


Our skin care professionals are great for education and forming skin care plans for their clients. They love answering questions and seeing clients happy in their healthy skin. I highly recommend our estheticians to all my friends and family. If you’re fighting a skin condition or looking for general skin care, spa810’s estheticians can help you achieve your healthiest skin.


Blog by Kylie Wrobel, Licensed Massage Therapist