Are you living in Houston, TX? Considering laser hair removal? Before you book an appointment, knowing these top tips on the procedure can help your experience be flawless and stress-free.

#1: Know the Gadget

When deciding to remove body hair, familiarize yourself with the equipment that makes the job easier. The Soprano ICE laser hair removal is a revolutionary addition to the industry. Using a unique process that combines cooling technology and the patented Cold Standard methods, it’s effective for a long time. Participants are pleased to experience virtually pain-free results.

#2: Less Sun, More Preparedness

Stay out of the sun for about a month before the hair removal process. While this may not be the easiest advice to follow in Houston, TX, for the sake of your procedure you should make every effort.

#3: Neatly Shaved is Neat

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal doesn’t require you to grow hair longer. Before heading out into the heart of Houston, TX for your appointment, neatly shave the area set to be lasered.

#4: Stubbing Your Toe Hurts More

Thanks to the Alma Soprano ICE laser, the hair removal treatments are essentially painless. The slow heating increases the overall comfort level, making it a pain-free experience.

#5: Some No No’s

There are several ‘no-no’s’ to avoid. Like tanning beds, spray on tans, and waxing. To ensure the effectiveness of your hair removal, leave these things far, far away.

#6: The Thumbs Up

FDA approved for year-round treatments, we have a proven track record for safety. Your skin care is our concern, whether we are in Houston, TX or anywhere around the world.

#7: It’s Permanent

Permanent. As in, it doesn’t come back. So get ready to throw away those razors you never really liked and spend your time doing something better.

#8: Time is on Your Side

Thanks to the Soprano ICE laser, each treatment time is quick (10 minutes to an hour), giving faster coverage while maintaining full effectiveness.

#9: Compare the Cost

While the initial price of laser hair removal may seem steep, weigh that cost against the value of your time. There is no comparison.

#10: Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hair

Laser hair removal reduces (and in some cases eliminates) pesky ingrown hair problems. Say goodbye to those painful irritants!

#11: Your Sensitive Skin Will Say Thanks

Investing in a laser removal procedure is an investment your sensitive skin will appreciate. This is a great option for anyone who has trouble with sensitivity but still wants to remove hair on their body.

#12: Practice Makes Perfect

While it would be nice to say laser hair removal happens with one procedure, the truth is you should be prepared for a few sessions to complete the process.

#13: Eyes Are a No-Go

Because your eyes are such sensitive organs, having hair removed near them is a strict no-no, for your protection.

#14: After Care

Once your appointment is done, be sure to treat your skin with extra TLC. This means: use sunscreen, don’t wax or shave, avoid perfumes and hot showers, or your skin will not be happy with you!

#15: Where to Go Next

In Houston, TX, there is no better place to go for laser hair removal than spa810. Our professional staff, top-of-the-line equipment, and knowledge of the practice of laser, spa, and massage are all great reasons to contact us today!